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    Posted : March, 2014 Stephanie & Katie

    Stephanie Marks meets the challenges of autism every day of her life. She is non-verbal and uses a laborious communication method called facilitated communication. As a child, Ms. Marks had very limited communication skills. When she was eighteen she learned facilitated communication from a family friend who studied at Syracuse University. Stephanie writes books for both adults (Paula's Journal) and children (Katie and the Pig) and also writes poetry. She and her brother collaborate on songs. One of her songs, "Four Generations", can be heard at reverbnation.com/whatif. Stephanie Marks resides in Bentonville, Arkansas, with her beloved dog, Katie.

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    Paula's Journal

    Posted : December, 2012

    Come walk through life with a passionate, humorous, poetic and intelligent woman. Paula has the power to show you a new and wondrous world. She is autistic and non-verbal yet so articulate she can make you laugh out-loud and then cry your eyes out. If Paula's Journal does not grab your heart within just a few pages, you have no soul. The short daily journal entries give you a unique insight into Paula's world and a better understanding of autism and what it is like to walk beside you in life and yet separated. This is not a book about autism. It is about how an autistic woman sees her life, her family, her surroundings, her faith, and the goodness and cruelty of others. It is not written by a professional, parent, or observer. It is a book written by a woman with autism showing you her world from the inside out. Author, Stephanie Marks, writes from experience. She is autistic and non-verbal. She shares her life experience with you in a fictional biography. Details may be fictional but Paula's thoughts and feelings are the author's. Paula takes you into the world of autism, panic attacks, no spoken words, and discrimination. Paula also takes you into places where you recognize as your own and know you have felt the same way she does. She is a poet. Her words will take you places you have never been before. No one can read this book and not be changed.

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    Inspirational Book Marks

    Posted : September, 2013

    Stehphanie is currently working on a line of inspriational book marks for sale. One example is Steph's Ten Commandments of Life. You will find the messages thought provoking and the book marks themselves a great gift idea. The next time you are sending a card to a friend - consider sending one of these instead!